ZrO2 Crucible Spray System

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This small airbrush system is to apply our ZrO2 crucible coating to your high temp fused silica platinum casting crucibles. Zirconium Oxide is an inert high temperature ceramic that helps reduce contamination (cracking), of your Platinum casting alloys due to silicon from the crucible. Ideally you will lightly coat the inside of the crucible and nozzle with each use. It is best to rotate one crucible per flask daily and then re-coat the crucibles for the next days use.

You can dilute the ZrO2 paint that we offer with 99% alcohol to aid in spraying viscosity. If you do dilute with alcohol, do not use around open flame or open burnout furnaces. After spraying, you need to let the crucibles fully dry before use. You can simply set them on the shelf until tomorrow or you can light them up to burn off excess alcohol and then place them in a oven that is cooling down from todays casting. It's best to introduce them into an oven that is 300oF or lower and let the oven dry them as it cools down.

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