Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a computer to run an Asiga 3-D printer?

Composer build generation software, which is included with the Asiga 3-D printer, is installed on your CAD computer. It sends the print file to the Asiga 3-D printer. The Asiga 3-D printer has its own hard drive, operating system, and network card, so it can be plugged directly into the computer network port or into the network router as a stand-alone machine.

Do I need any special software to operate my Asiga 3-D printer?

You need CAD design software, such as Rhino, Matrix, Solidworks, or another program that can export either an .STL or .SLC file. The file is then processed using Asiga’s Composer software. Developed by the Asiga team, Composer software aids in preparing the file for 3-D printing. Upgrades are free. Your Asiga 3-D printer uses firmware that is stored and used internally in the Pico or Pro machine hard drive to operate the 3-D printer. Updates on firmware are also free.

What types of computer files does the Asiga 3-D printer accept?

Asiga 3-D printers accept .STL or .SLC files.

How long will it take me to get my Asiga 3-D printing operation up and running?

If you have experience running similar 3-D printers, you can be up and running in an hour with an Asiga. If you have no experience, it may take a few hours. Calibration takes only minutes.

Do my parts need to be unioned and water tight?

Having a watertight STL file is always best but Asiga Composer software corrects most minor flaws and creates its own file for 3-D printing. The software will invisibly correct many common file errors, such as naked edges and small holes.

What resolution is the Asiga 3-D printer? I don’t want any prominent horizontal build lines on my models.

We carry five 3-D printers, each with a different pixel resolution in the x and y axis: 27, 33, 39, 50, and 75 microns. In the Z axis, Asiga 3-D printers allow the user to customise the Z axis resolution in one micron increments to suit their build. This is key to eliminating horizontal build lines.

I want the highest resolution possible. What do you recommend?

Keep in mind, there is a tradeoff between resolution and build size. The higher the resolution, the smaller the build platform. The Pico2-HD27—our highest resolution 3-D printer—has 30 percent less build space (50x30x75mm), compared to the Pico2-HD (70x40x75mm).

How big can my part(s) be?

Below are the build envelope sizes per 3-D printer:

 build envelope sizes per 3-D printer

How many pieces can I build with a bottle of build material?

It depends on the volume of the parts. As a point of reference, a 500 ml bottle will yield 300 to 400 average-size ladies rings.

What comes with the Asiga 3-D printer? Do I need a calibration kit and flash unit?

Proto Products offers a 3-D printing package that includes the 3-D printer, software, warranty, calibration kit, and some additional consumables you will need to get started. The flash unit is necessary to post cure parts that will be used for molding. Proto Products has run extensive tests on post curing the castable resins. Some casters get better results by post curing the resins, while others don’t see any difference in the results achieved casting cured versus uncured resins.

What will I need to maintain my Asiga 3-D printer?

Maintenance is simple: Keep the 3-D printer clean and calibrate it only when needed. Once you get the hang of it, calibration takes only minutes, and it is generally needed only once or twice per month, depending on use. The light source is self-calibrating and will automatically adjust to different resolutions. The UV LED has a 50,000 hour life expectancy.

Is there an annual service fee?

No, there is no annual service or maintenance fee. Software upgrades are free.

What is the warranty for my Asiga 3-D printer?

The Asiga 3-D printer has a one-year parts and service warranty.

What are the ongoing consumables for my Asiga 3-D printer?

The ongoing consumables for the Asiga 3-D printer are the resins, which are available on protoproducts.com in 500 ml and 1-liter bottles, and build trays, available on protoproducts.com with the resins as Build Material Packs or sold separately—on our site only. Click here to shop consumables.

What if I need help with an Asiga machine or need industry-specific support?

Proto Products offers these services, from one session of support to a year subscription.