Zirc Ox Crucible Coat Concentrate (2lbs)

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Zirconium Oxide Concentrate is for interior air brush painting of fused silica crucibles intended for use for Platinum or Palladium. It is not needed for casting Stainless Steel.

The bottle will arrive about 50% full. Add 99% IPA until about 90% full to dilute for easy spray application. The remaining 10% is to allow for movement of the material inside the bottle to mix.

Shake very well until all settled material is fully mixed and then dispense into the small airbrush bottle. When you are finished spraying the inside and inner nozzle of your fused silica Pt crucible, return the unused portion from the airbrush bottle to the main bottle and seal. Immediately rinse the airbrush bottle with water and spray clear water through your airbrush until no residue remains. Allowing the ZrO2 to dry in your airbrush will render it useless.

A light coat of ZrO2 on your Pt crucibles greatly increases the life of your crucibles and reduce the risk of Si contamination of your Platinum and Palladium alloys. Silicon contamination of Platinum or Palladium will cause your castings to become brittle scrap... Dilute the ZrO2 to make it spray easier. It can also be applied with a paint brush but using an air brush is suggested. Use one crucible per one flask daily and then recoat and allow to cure overnight. You can also put the freshly painted crucibles in an oven that is cooling down after a day's cast to help them dry faster.

For fused silica Pt and Pd crucibles only. Not for Graphite lined crucibles or crucibles that are to be used for Titanium casting!

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