About Us

Proto Products was founded by J. Tyler Teague of JETT Research. Jeff Hoover joined Tyler in this new operation to offer affordable, sensible rapid prototyping solutions to operations of all sizes. These fellows not only sell rapid prototyping equipment and supplies – they use them in their daily work.

Teague and Hoover have been on the forefront of the RP revolution. They have personally either owned or operated many types of RP equipment – milling machines, Perfactory, DWS, and SolidScape – and have witnessed firsthand the positives and negatives of these different technologies. Offering nearly 50 years of combined design and manufacturing experience, these 2 fellows have implemented the production value stream from concept to completion. They specialize in the engineering of small detailed parts across industries.

Proto Products understands the downstream consequences of RP implementation and can assist you with starting the design process all the way through casting. Due to their vast experience with various RP equipment, they can tell you realistically what you can and cannot expect from your machine, your CAD files, and build materials. Nobody knows RP casting better.

J Tyler Teague
With more than 35 years of manufacturing experience, J. Tyler Teague has built a reputation for restructuring, designing, and improving jewelry manufacturing factories around the world. His specialties include solving technical issues related to product and process engineering for jewelry, models, molds, and mass finishing. He holds patents for well-known jewelry making tools and materials, has designed many top-selling precious metal alloys in use today, and is considered one of the leading precious metals casting consultants in the world. Teague’s vast knowledge of manufacturing crosses over into various industry sectors that can now take advantage of the benefits of rapid prototyping to improve workflow, quality, and overall efficiency.

Contact: tyler@protoproducts.com 1-844-WE-PROTO (1-844-937-7686) ext. 700