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From animation to craft, industrial design to art, sculpture to film, the Pico and Pro lines of 3D printers are the highest quality and most affordable tools for producing incredible resolution models for a variety of applications. Build objects within objects, print details that cannot be produced by any other means, our 3D printing technology is a great tool for creative 3D minds.

There are multiple economic and business advantages to working with Proto Products and implementing the Asiga line of 3-D rapid prototyping printers:

Affordable price

An entry-level price for a sophisticated 3-D printer: Asiga’s low cost allows you to use a more cellular approach to rapid prototyping. Each CAD modeler can have his or her own 3-D printer to grow and test parts right on their desk, eliminating the need for an additional central staffer whose sole responsibility is running a rapid prototyping machine.

Another benefit to this manufacturing approach is that in the event of one 3-D printer experiencing a mechanical issue, you have backups that are still up and running.

No annual service agreement

Proto Products offers free telephone and e-mail support for 30 days from install of your 3-D rapid prototyping printing system. The average user needs about an hour of support in this initial time period. As 3-D printer users, manufacturing experts, and consultants, Jeff Hoover and Tyler Teague can answer all your questions about working with the system. Their knowledge of manufacturing runs the gamut: from CAD to rapid prototyping to model making to mold making to casting to finishing. They have been troubleshooting, fixing, standardizing, and setting up manufacturing facilities for decades. But most important, they use the Asiga 3-D printers on a daily basis and have been using them for several years. If there is a problem, they will find a solution.

Customized services that fit your needs

Proto Products’ roster of clients includes laboratories, such as 3M and Pacific National Laboratories, research facilities, and educational facilities. Their clients choose them both for their vast experience and the fact that they can offer a user-friendly 3-D rapid prototyping printer with a customized software solution to suit your needs. How can Proto Products help you?

3D Printer Experts

Proto Products is an official Asiga rapid prototype equipment and supply dealer. We are the only dealer that not only sells ASIGA 3D Printers, equipment, and supplies – we use them in our daily work.

With decades of experience designing jewelry manufacturing facilities of all sizes around the world, we apply our manufacturing and 3D printing knowledge across industries to help companies better compete. We specialize in the technical aspects of CAD design and rapid prototyping for optimum quality, production efficiency, and maximum profit.

We can advise, trouble shoot, and help you with all of your CAD/CAM needs – and outfit you with an affordable 3D printer that does what you need it to do.