Graphite lined Gold and Silver Casting Crucible for EC-12

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This crucible is for casting copper containing gold and silver alloys in the Ultraflex EC-12 Casting machine. The graphite liner is intended to prevent or reduce oxides of copper, silicon, and zinc from forming by scavenging any available oxygen that might remain from the initial vacuum and inert gas purge.

This crucible comes with a lid that is held down by the spring clip on the EC-12 swing arm and keeps the crucible in place and keeps metal from spinning out. It has a nose to help align with the flask's pour basin (button). The capacity of this crucible is about 150 grams if you are using small pre-shot material. Pre-melting in order to attain higher crucible weights is not recommended for Zinc containing alloys. I don't do it for any alloys in the EC-12 because of the melt speed of the machine and its ability to vacuum the chamber and back fill with inert gas quickly so there is little to no heat change inside the flask.

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