OtoFlash UV Curing Unit with gas option Lowest Industry Pricing (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY)

Product Details
Brand: OtoFlash

The OtoFlash System is a powerful 200 watt Xeon Pulse UV curing unit with an inert cover gas option. It purges oxygen out of the curing chamber before it starts the curing sequence to eliminate oxygen inhibition of UV materials. This type of unit is required for most medical applications that need bio-compatible parts. The 200 watt broad spectrum UV Xeon flash tube pulses at 10 pulses per second from 100 pulses to 10,000 pulses per session.

The best description I that I ever heard regarding the difference in curing penetration for this unit compared to the 36 watt 405nm florescent unit is that the 36 watt unit is like trying to drive a nail in a board with your thumb and the 200 watt Xeon flash unit is like trying to drive the same nail with a sledge hammer.

The OtoFlash unit comes complete with a Nitrogen Gas regulator, hoses and all connections that you will need. All you need to provide is the tank of inert gas (nitrogen or argon).

This is a high quality, high power laboratory grade unit.

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