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This lab quality Orbital Shaker has a stainless pan with removeable silicone deck mat, RPM and timer controls, and allow you to organize a standard operating procedure for your 3D printed part cleaning operation. It comes with 4 lock top containers with interior strainers for easy removal of your parts and a chemical resistant IPA spray bottle to spray out those fine details. All you need to provide is the 99%+ Isopropyl alcohol or similar to clean your parts. We recommend at least 2 progressive baths of IPA to clean your parts followed by a final spray off using fresh IPA from the spray bottle. The 2 sets of 2 lock top strainer containers either allows you to use 2 different materials without risking cross contamination or more than 2 cleaning baths for your printed parts. It's your choice. Being from Tennessee, we affectionately gave this orbital shaker the Sku of "Elvis" and I'm sure you will recognize the significance.

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