Part Washer Set (2 containers with strainers and a final IPA Spray)

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Part Washer Set

Ideally sized for cleaning resin parts from the larger full build plates of the Max or Pro machines, Max Part Washer are designed to simplify the process. Users can each of the leak proof containers 1/2 full with isopropyl alcohol, put resin parts into the no-scratch basket, close, snap shut, and gently swirl the parts in the alcohol bath. The first is the rough rinse where 90% of the uncured resin is rinsed off. The second cleaner rinse takes another 4% or so, and the final spray does the rest. To retrieve the cleaned models from the containers, use the handle on the internal basket to raise them out so they are easy to access. (You should be wearing Nitrile Gloves for this)

Ideally you would progress through 2 increasingly cleaner isopropyl alcohol washes. When wash 1 becomes too contaminated, pour that alcohol into your storage container for eco-disposal or distillation. Move wash 2 to wash 1. Use the spray bottle over a trash can to prevent contamination. Dry with compressed air or set aside for an hour or so to fully dry before curing. Curing the parts wet with IPA can make them sticky. Curing many UV resin parts in air can also cause oxygen inhibition which also feels sticky.

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