Easy Cast 400

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Brand: ResinWorks

EasyCast Series 400

40% Wax Content

  • Ease of use – Shake, Pour and Print. Users will not need to manage the temperature setting of the printer, waste unused resin, reformulate the resin with additives or manage the printing cycle to minimize post printing handling.

  • Ease of casting with minimal number of gates. Gone are the days of bicycle spoked casting gates to ensure a good cast. Now you can confidently set up your printed models with minimal gates to ease clean up of casted models.

  • Easy post printing process– wash in IPA and cure.

  • 40% Wax Content

  • Formulated for Medium to Large pieces

EasyCast HD-Series 400 is the newest Photopolymer Wax resin developed by ResinWorks3D. This unique formulation is an opaque peach resin that is formulated with 40% wax and is tested to work with ease on DLP 3D printer platforms. Users can confidently print and cast large organic statement pieces, like signet and school rings with a wide range of design elements like engravings and raised details.
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