2 D X 2.5 inch HT Flasks

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These flasks are 2 inches in diameter by 2.5 inches tall. They are atypical, long lasting, specialty alloy, high temperature flasks typically used for Platinum and Palladium casting applications but they can be used for any precious metal or specialty alloy casting.

They are not 309 or 316 Stainless Steel that is common for jewelry casting applications. Regular stainless steel flasks decompose and flake over time and that can contaminate your platinum castings with iron. This is especially true with high torque, high rpm centrifugal casting machines. These flasks do not flake and last multiple times longer than regular stainless steel. Yes, they are a little bit more expensive to purchase the first time but the savings will be huge when you calculate the life of these flasks. I could tell you what kind of material they are made from but that just wouldn't be much fun now would it...

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