UltraFlex EC-12 Multi Metal Casting Machine

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This induction casting machine will cast most metals that are commonly used in Dental and Jewelry applications including Ni-Cr, Cr-Co, Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. It will not cast Titanium or other highly reactive metals. This machine has an internal vacuum pump and inert gas circuit included with a single spectrum optical pyrometer. You will need an external water recirculating heat exchanger (suggested), or you can run direct filtered water to cool the induction coil during operation. A water recirculation unit saves water and costs in the long run if you are casting often.

The EC12 has several safety interlocks to prevent machine or operator damage. It operates at 3kW between 95 - 129 kHz power. You control the melting power to meet your metal and casting needs. Maximum rotation speed is 500 RPM and that is also adjustable to match your metal and casting needs. It uses a 44mm diameter crucible and we have a choice of 3 crucible materials to match the typical metal alloys you will be casting.

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