Pro4K65XLUV 385nm Wavelength Emitter, 56um X & Y effective resolution Build envelope is (176 X 99 X 400mm)

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The Pro4K80XL has a huge build envelope in the X & Y axis of 176 X 99 millimeters and the XL version has a monster 400mm of build envelope in the Z axis.

The native pixel size is 80um hence the name but with Asiga's technology, the effective resolution of this machine in the X & Y axis is 56um.The Z resolution is up to you. From 10um to 200um depending on your project's needs.

With the Asiga machines you have the freedom to change the Z layer thickness to your preference and the algorithms in the machine will calculate the correct exposure time based on those choices. No other machines have that capability of automatically calculating the exposures that I am aware of.

There may be some now but I can assure you that they copied what Asiga has been doing since day one in 2010.

These machines are also available in 405nm for heavily pigmented or filled materials by special order. The 405 version takes a bit more time to build. This option has no additional fee.

There is also an inert gas option that fills and monitors the oxygen level in the build envelope. This option is special order and does come with additional fees. Ask for a quote if you are interested.

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