Pro4K 5L High Modulus Build Trays

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These are High Modulus (thicker stiffer), build trays (tank, vat), for the Asiga Pro4K 3D Printers. These are not commonly stocked trays. They are specialty trays that only a rare customer will ever need.

The difference in these build trays from the standard Low Force trays is the thickness of the film which is thicker. The ID tag on these build trays will alert the Pro4K to the difference in thickness so that the build platform will start at the correct offset for your build. So you ask "When would I use a high modulus build tray?" I would use them if I had a heavily filled material or when the features or supports may need to be very thin. These trays are less likely to pull dimples in the film. On the other side, they are not good with delicate parts or very sticky material. Keep that in mind.

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