Pro3dure GR-12 Orange1 Liter

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This material works exceptionally with 405nm and 385nm machines for audiology applications of printing silicone injectable shells. Like other UV cuing materials the GR-12 would ideally be cured using the oxygen free High Intensity UV Cure Unit with Inert Gas option that we also sell.

The new generative manufacturing resin GR-12.1 can be used particularly advantageous for the production of cast forms in order to realize a digital way for silicon earpieces. By defined diffraction particles a super smooth surface of the cast forms can be realized. The low viscosity, optimized mechanical properties and reduced inhibition layer helps you in the steps cleaning, post curing of the cast form and demolding the silicone earpiece.

Your benefits:

  • highest UV stability
  • low viscosity
  • high elongation at break
  • additional colors available on request

Resins are non-returnable.

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