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The premium light-curing resins in the GR-series cover the a wide range of additive manufacturing applications for audiology, engineering, some dental, and others. The GR10-Black is formulated for use with 405nm machines but our research has found that with the proper configuration file (ini code), it works exceptionally with the 385nm machines for micro-fluidic applications. Like it's sister material the GR-1, it is best to use the High Intensity UV Cure Unit with Inert Gas option that we also sell. Curing any UV resin in the presence of oxygen causes "oxygen inhibition" which would prevent bio-compatibility. If you are printing items with small details and internal tubes, it is best to use gas curing rather than liquid immersion curing to insure complete oxygen protection during the UV curing operation.

The Pro3dure GR-10 Black resin is a low viscosity, bio-compatible, UV stabilised black resin for the preparation of audiology components and many other applications where bio-compatibility is important. GR-10 Black is exceptional for high resolution parts for DLP machines with LED emitter peak wavelengths of 405nm but can be used at 385nm quite well for certain applications. GR-10 guarantees high process robustness without brittleness and will meet your high standards of durability and aesthetics.

Parts made from pro3dure GR-10 can be sterilised with ethylene oxide, gamma radiation or steam. They remain dimensionally stable and virtually free from discoloration.

Your benefits:

  • Bio-Compatibility
  • High UV-resistance of the material
  • Process reliability due to strength and lack of brittleness
  • Economical price

Resins are non-returnable.

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