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The designation of "Universal" means this is the standard build tray that Asiga users have had since the MAX system was introduced. It has a single layer of film that is 120um thick. This 10 liter tray is suitable for for most applications of Prototyping, Miniatures, Dental, Medical, or Jewelry applications. We also have 1 Liter and 2 Liter trays if you prefer. The larger volume rfid chip on the trays, reduces the added cost per liter when you add in the cost per tray. Companies that use low volumes may prefer the 1 liter trays since the life/cost of the tray is based on the volume of material built and not based on time. It is recommended to use different trays for different materials as cross contamination can be an issue for some applications no matter how well you think you have cleaned the previously used tray.

Each build tray has a read/write RFID tag on the tray. It does not know what material you are printing just how much you have printed with a particular tag. I encourage my customers to buy one 10L tray and then warm up the tag with a heat gun and gently peel it off the tray. Put that tag on a piece of plastic film to use later. Typically you can get much more use from a 1 liter tray than 1 liter. You will not likely ever use the full 10 liter value of the RFID on a 10 liter tray.

So how you get the most from your trays is when the 1L RFID tag expires but the tray is still in good shape, then just rotate it 180 degrees and using a small piece of painter's tape, put the 10L RFID tag over the location of the tag read/write sensor on the machine and keep using your 1L tray. When you have gotten the full use from that tray and need to change, then put in the tray where the 10L RFID tag came from and use it until the tray is no longer useful. You will likely have build volume still left on that 10L tray so then buy another 1L tray for the lower price. You can always check the remaining volume on the machine's main menu under System/Tray data.

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