Max "Low Force" Build Tray (1 Liter capacity) 1pc price

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This particular version of the MAX build trays is suggested by Asiga for materials where the separation forces can cause distortion or damage to the 3D Printed parts. This tray has 2 film layers that total about 120um. The bottom layer has vents that allow air to flow in between that reduces the separation forces of the parts from the more flexible inner layer. All the Asiga machines are designed with some of the lowest separation forces in the 3D Printing industry but these trays are special in that regard. These trays are recommended for delicate microfluidic use or delicate parts. It is also recommended for use with some specialty direct casting materials such as SuperWAX, SuperCAST-X and the new SuperCAST-S directly castable resins.These trays require additional cooling time after exposure, a slower separation acceleration, and separation velocity when the materials have a tendency to be a bit "sticky".

Proto Products does not recommend these trays for most other materials. The film is thinner than the regular build trays and harder plastic materials could cause damage to the tray's film if not properly supported.

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