Max Build Tray (10 Liter capacity) 1pc price

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Asiga Max build trays come in a variety of capacity settings. You can now choose this money saving, 10 Liter higher capacity tray for your Max 3D Printers. These larger volumes are ideal for Dental, Audio, Medical, Prototyping and Engineering applications. We also have 1 Liter and 5 Liter trays that are ideal for a variety of lighter applications ranging from microfluidics, medical or jewelry applications up to Dental, Audio, Engineering and Prototyping applications.

The Max machines use a new load sensor technology to "know" when the parts have separated from the tray film. With that knowledge and you knowing the maximum cross section and durability of your parts, it can radically speed up your grows to half the time or even faster. Since there is no sweeping movement in or under the film tray, this new technology keeps the film tray clear of defects that could refract the light that would diminish precision applications such as microfluidics or dental drill guides. The Asiga system has become the go to machine in most industries that rely on precision with the widest variety of build materials and all the technology in combination, including the build trays prove it.

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