LSLT - 160 (Low Shrink, Low Temp) RP Production Molding Rubber 8 X 9 inch sheets

Production molds for larger 3D printed prototypes for wax injection.
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American made low temperature, low shrinkage, vulcanized molding rubber sheets for larger molds. Used in conjunction with one dip in React-Shun RP dip, you can make direct production molds from your 3D printed parts or hard carving wax in an hour or so compared to 18 - 24 hours using most platinum catalyst liquid silicone rubber compounds. As a long time production mold cutter myself, the color of the rubber is important. The light green color of this rubber is easy on the eyes during precision cutting. Bright colors such as bright yellow, pink, or similar can quickly tire the eyes and the reflection from the required light to perform intricate cuts can easily lead to poor cuts and excessive parting lines on your injected waxes.

  • Cure time per 1/4 inch (6.35mm) @ 160oF (61oC) 30 minutes
  • Cure time per 1/4 inch (6.35mm) @ 250oF (121oC) 5 minutes
  • Hardness: Shore A scale - 45
  • Elongation - 750%
  • Average shrink - 0.64%
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