ECO IPA Recovery System

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This is the IPA recovery system that the 3D Printing industry has needed for a long time. This is a money making machine that also protects the environment. How much are you spending on fresh IPA every month? How are you disposing of the dirty contaminated material that you have used? I hope you are not putting it down the drain. That could really cost you a lot of money when (not if), you get caught. Why constantly buy and dispose of more and more IPA when you can recycle it.

This unit is a UL approved, flammable solvent recovery system and poses no danger to operate inside your 3D printing lab if you just follow proper procedures that come with the machine. During the recovery process, this machine does not emit nasty fumes from the resins because of the refrigerated and well engineered design. You do need to operate it in a well ventilated area with some space because it is a refrigeration unit after all on the bottom that exchanges heat and the top of the unit gets hot as it is distilling. I will put a yellow stand off line on the floor around the machine and a yellow plastic chain on stanchions when the machine is in operation.

Of course you do not want to run this machine in areas of open flame because it will be dispensing recovered 95 - 97% pure IPA back into your container. There are cheap units out there that look similar but they are used for paint and automotive solvents but they are not designed to safely handle flammables like alcohol. Take it from an old novice moonshiner from the mountains of East Tennessee when I tell you that you cannot be too safe when distilling alcohol.

The solids from the process will remain in the boiler bag in the machine until the machine lets you know the cycle is finished. You can use the same bag for a few runs but you need to leave the proper amount of space at the top of your inner container. The small quantity of solids that remain can then be disposed of properly and in many cases at no hazard costs. All of us doing large volumes of 3D Printing need this.

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