Ca(NO3)2 Investment Additive

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Our nitrate additive greatly enhances the burnout of your resins.

This is 1000 grams of 99% Ca(NO3)2. Our crystal dissolves easily in room temperature water but it does require some stirring.

In a perfect world you had already heated up about half of your required water for casting and dissolved 20 grams of granular H3BO3 (Boric acid), into it already. If so then this is how it would work. Add the 20 grams of our Calcium nitrate solution from the bottle into your container. Pour the water containing the dissolved boric acid in on top of that. Add the other water until you get to 1 liter. You now have a 2% solution of H3BO3 and Ca(NO3)2 per liter of water. Use this water to invest your RP parts with your normal gypsum bonded investment. Using high quality (high cristobalite) investments is best. (20 grams per liter = 76 grams per gallon)

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