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Asiga has once again stepped up it's game with the new MAX-X Series.

This new MAX-X series has all the quality engineering that Asiga has come to be known for and the addition of the new SPS positioning system. The Smart Positioning System senses the platform and part position rather than estimating or calculating it based on the turns of the drive screw in the linear drive. This new system ensures precise layer thickness each and every time and eliminates the occasional operator error or material error crashes that occur on other machines.

The Teflon film build trays (vats), do not vary so calibration when changing from one material to another in a different build tray is not needed. On top of that, the design of the Teflon build trays have the lowest separation forces in the industry reducing the number and size of the support structures. Because there are no moving parts above or below the Teflon film tray, the build trays last and last.
The optics in the MAX-X series are precision ground and coated to eliminate defects caused by distortion or errant reflective glare. Multiple quality checks are in place to ensure the perfect print.
It is these factors that will now make the Asiga MAX-X43-405 is one of the best machines for jewelry makers and other precision small part makers. The High Definition light engine yields a (82.5 X 46.4 mm) X&Y build envelope at 43um of resolution. So stay below 50um but get a large envelope anyway.
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