5L PRO (Gen1&2) Universal™ Build Tray These are not for use with the PRO4K machines!

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Pro (Gen 1 & 2) build trays come in a variety of capacity settings. The new software and firmware for the Pro1 and Pro2 machines has enhanced the life of the build trays. We encourage you to purchase higher volume build trays to save your company money. Consider the price of your build tray as an additional fee for your build material of choice. The different volume build trays for the Pro (Gen1 & 2) machines are exactly the same. The only difference is the volume read/write RFID tag on the tray that measures the volume of material that has been printed with the tray.

There is no other material or mechanical difference between the 1 liter tray and the 10 liter trays. If you choose a 1 liter build tray then add the $89 to the cost of 1kg of your build material. If you choose a 2, 5, or 10 Liter tray, then divide the cost of that tray by the liter volume of that tray and then add that to the cost of 1kg of your build material... Do you see where I'm going with savings for you?

All of these trays are made of the same materials with the same film but some people get more life out of their trays by proper supporting of their parts, optimizing the build settings, and by eliminating the movement of the glass slider on their machines.

The new software and firmware make these improvements possible. We supply Pro (Gen 1 & 2) build trays in 1L, 2L, 5L, and 10L trays. . For Pro (Gen 1 & 2) machines, you do not want the glass to slide at all. You want it to remain under the build platform at all times with no movement. Not only will it reduce tray damage, it will greatly increase build speed.

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