3.5 inch diameter base papers for 2.5 inch flask 50 pcs

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These are 3.5 inch diameter rigid and absorbent base papers for use with 2.5 inch diameter high temp alloy casting flasks. They are attached to one end of the flasks using sticky wax after the wax cone with the parts has been secured over the 3/4 inch diameter hole in the center of the paper. That hole is for wax drainage and combustion access during the burnout process. These very absorbent but tough papers are essential to aid in drying the liquid from the phosphate bonded investment into the absorbent material below the base paper. The must do this while maintaining their shape and strength so the flask can be moved from the vacuum table to the absorbent bed and then into the burnout furnace without drooping or breaking. That would be catastrophic. The green wax cross cone on the paper is also available from Proto Products.

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