1 Year Tech Support (Asiga Machine & Software) Non - Proto Products Asiga Owners

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Customer Technical Support (Includes machine, material, operational , and warranty support for parts)

Many new Asiga customers in North America are not getting the customer support they deserve from their original reseller. We get daily request to provide the technical support for customers just like you.

Your original reseller made the profit from your machine and sadly they probably do not have the experience or industry skills to take care of you like you expected when they took your money. Typically they are good at one thing, selling...

Even if you are now buying your supplies from us, while we appreciate your business, that tiny margin does not pay for the requested support time. The huge amount of time we have spent helping so many has seriously impacted our bottom line.

We want to help everybody however we can simply no longer provide this aid for free. We are a for profit business and if you would like our help please purchase this one year support plan. There is no requirement, commitment, or contract for you to continue beyond 1 year but if you choose to, it will be at a lower annual fee.

This is not a warranty on your machine's parts, labor, or shipping.

It is technical support on the operation, use, and possible repair cooperation of your machine if the need arises. We work directly with Asiga for warranty repairs and we do the repairs in our facility here in Nashville, TN. If your machine is out of warranty, we can still do the repairs here rather than shipping your machine back to the factory in Australia.

In the case of the jewelry industry, we can also help you succeed with issues related to direct casting and molding of RP parts.

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