Loctite 3D 3860 HDT Shore D80 High Heat Black (Special Order)

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This material is available by special order only in the future. It is no longer a stock item with Loctite but it is available.

Rigid resin that withstands high temperature stress @ 220°C (@ 455 MPa). Ideal for functional prototyping and high temperature applications where high resolution and high HDT is required. This material requires a machine that can control and elevate the build envelope temperature in order to build. Asiga has had a heated build envelope from day one when so many other 3D Printers companies had not even considered it and most still don't.

  • Shore D hardness of 80
  • No deformation, more durable & survives longer vs. other tooling resins in the market
  • Easy to print with high print resolution
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