D44 Pt/Pd Fused Silica Casting Crucible

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Platinum or Palladium casting crucible designed for the EC-12 multi metal casting machine. This crucible will theoretically hold 250 grams of Pt but I don't recommend it. It really depends on the size, shape, or chop of your input metal. The smaller the chop, the more it will hold. Some suppliers like Johnson Matthey supply casting feedstock that is a 10mm Pt cube that limits the amount of metal that can be put into the crucible safely without overheating in the bottom or bridging in the top of the crucible. Bridging: When large metal pieces slightly bond and hang in the top of the crucible without dropping into the melting pool. This can cause Si contamination of the metal pool that is molten and in the bottom of the crucible. It is ideal to use one pre-coated crucible per flask per casting session. The coating is our ZO high temp crucible coating that reduces the chance of Si contamination. You re-coat each crucible at the end of the session for tomorrows casts. Please see ZO Crucible Coating!

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