Asiga Composer Software

Composer 1.1.11

Composer is an intuitive, automatic STL & SLC support and build preparation package.


Composer Version 1.1.11:

We have removed Composer 1.1.10 because it has some bugs. It tends to crash if you use automatic supports at about 64% of the way through support generation. The new version 1.1.11 also has some bugs that they are still working on but it is at least a little better than previous versions.

NOTICE about our Build Materials and Composer 1.1.11:

We are selling Version 2-405 of all build materials except SuperCast v3 which is version 3-405. The 405 means nanometer. We had some issues where our customers were using PlasPINK settings but they were using PlasPINK v2 material and that caused a problem in their build. Asiga may still sell Version 1 of those materials to some customers but we only sell V2 and above and we only sell the 405 nanometer wavelength materials. So our customers need to look carefully at the drop down menu on the new Composer software 1.1.11 and make sure they choose the correct resin version when doing a build. You can go into your own software and simply delete the ini files that do not apply to you to save time. Those files are in Programs/Asiga/Composer/Materials. If you are not using them, then delete the extra ini files because they just clutter up the drop down menu.

Composer 1.1.9

Composer is an intuitive, automatic STL & SLC support and build preparation package.


Archived Composer Versions

Composer is an intuitive, automatic STL & SLC support and build preparation package.


Installation instructions for *.ini files - (Composer material settings file)

Close your Composer program before adding this file to the following program folder. Once you have closed Composer, unzip the zip folder's contents and then copy and paste the *.ini file into your C:\Program files\Asiga\Composer\Materials\Pico folder. Windows may argue with you about adding this file to the folder but you should tell it to “continue”.

Now close your Windows Explorer program and open Composer and start a new build. ProtoCast will now be a choice in the dropdown menu of your Composer program. Use the default settings that come up, do not tweak, change, add, subtract or do anything to the timing or other settings at all.


Prior Version Firmware Downloads

To install a new firmware version please follow the instructions in this dialog.

Click here for Instructions




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