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Proto Products is an official Asiga Rapid Prototype equipment and supply dealer. We are the only dealer that not only sells the equipment and supplies; we use them in our work. We are a consulting company that designs jewelry manufacturing facilities of all sizes, all around the world. We train workers for all areas of manufacturing and we specialize in the technical aspects of CAD designed jewelry for optimum quality, production efficiency, and maximum profit. So, we not only understand the jewelry industry's needs, we can train, trouble shoot, and help you with your CAD/CAM needs as well.

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Compare PRO Series Machines
PRO 50


PRO 75

Build Size X, Y, Z 96 x 54 x 200mm* 144 x 81 x 200mm*
  *Build envelope size may vary: ± 2mm
Pixel Size X, Y 50 Microns 75 Microns
Accuracy ± 10μm/cm ± 10μm/cm
Z Control Variable in 1 Micron Increments
Light Source UV LED
File Input STL & SLC
Machine Size 450 x 490 x 800 mm
Packaged Size 550 x 590 x 900 mm
System Weight 34 kg
Ship Weight 40 kg
Power 100 ~ 240 VAC (50-60 Hz) 5A Max
Software Asiga Composer Included. PC, Linux, Mac.
  Network Compatibility 10/100 Ethernet

PRO SERIES STARTUP PACKAGE Separate Pricing Start Up Package
PRO 50 or PRO 75 $24,990.00 Included
Calibration and Accessory Kits $400.00 Included
Composer STL & SLC correction and support software $1,000.00 included
1 year parts and labor warranty Priceless included
30 days remote technical support Priceless included
Safe build tray spatula $4.00 included
1 RFID-Enabled PRO Build Tray $150.00 included
1 Replacement PRO Build Tray (no RFID chip) $100.00 included
1 Liter Build Material of your choice $350.00 included
$26,994.00 $24,990.00


Production on your desktop
The Freeform Pro™ series machines are professional 3D printers for direct manufacturing applications offering high-resolution, speed and reliability in desktop formats.

Slide and Separate™ Technology
Asiga's proprietary Slide and Separate (SAS™) technology breaks new ground in the Freeform Pro™ series of printers, allowing a large build area while maintaining the lowest fabrication forces of any upside-down stereolithography system. The result is minimal support structures and reliable accuracy for demanding direct manufacturing applications.

5-Year UV LED Warranty
The Freeform Pro™ includes a 5-year warranty on the UV LED light source as standard.

Internal Radiometer
An internal radiometer for automatic calibration of the light source ensures long-term reliability and low-maintenance.

Professional Software
Asiga Composer software is included with every system for part layout, automatic support generation and editing, and sending jobs to the printer. Powerful and easy to use, Composer is available for PC, Mac, Linux, and is unlocked for installation on multiple computers.

Environmental Control
Chamber temperature control is standard on all systems for reliable and repeatable performance in any environment.

Material Level Sensor
Builds are automatically paused when the material level is low allowing long-term unattended operation without concern of failure.

Power Failure Recovery
Builds can be continued after being aborted or if the system unexpectedly shuts down due to power failure without loss of part quality.

Office Friendly
The Freeform Pro™ series of 3D printers are true office peripherals with Ethernet connectivity for shared access across networks. Operation is almost completely silent, odor free, and requires no special facilities.

Widest Material Capability
SAS™ technology permits the widest material processing capability of any 3D printer in its class. Wax polymers for investment casting, biocompatible polymers for prosthetics, and tough plastics for durable functional parts are available.

Brushless Servo Precision
Closed-loop brushless servo control of the Z-axis permits arbitrary resolutions in 1 micron increments with 200 nanometer resolution, making the Pro™ unparalleled in accuracy, repeatability and reliability.

Full Parameter Control
All build parameters are editable by the user, making the Pro™ the most flexible 3D printing systems for demanding research and development applications.

Internal Web Server
Every Pro™ runs an internal web server allowing full remote operation and access to internal settings via a web browser.



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